Croc Attack

Whilst on a Photographic Safari in Zululand, my guests and I came across a massive Nile Crocodile lying patiently in the shallows of a large waterhole. Close to the water’s edge was an abundance of wildlife feeding and going down to the water to drink in the heat of the day.

The limited availability of water during the winter months and the necessity to drink to avoid dehydration for many animals, is exactly the opportunity crocodile’s take advantage of in getting a meal.

A stunning Nyala bull made its way past the other species towards the place where the giant reptile waited in ambush. Undetected, the huge predator submerged and positioned itself for an attack. The nyala cautiously approached the cool water, knowing that danger lurked nearby, it seemed uneasy but driven by instinct, walked straight into a death trap.
The nyala drank nervously, lifting its head once or twice and looking around for other potential threats. We all sat there in anticipation of witnessing a show of patience and power. Then, all of a sudden we watched the crocodile launch itself out of the water with its jaws wide open and grabbed hold of the nyala. With lightening quick precision, the nyala stood no chance as it was pulled under water to be drowned.

This spectacular display of the crocodiles hunting strategy was an amazing sighting that we will never forget. To finish it off, we were treated to watching the hungry crocodile devour its kill, even swallowing the head and horns.

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