Guided Safaris

Brett Drew will take you on an adventure of a lifetime. Allow this young and enthusiastic private guide to show you the African bushveld through the eyes of a game ranger as he accompanies you on the ultimate safari experience. By having Brett as your private guide throughout your safari…the passion and expertise of an individual who has had the privilege of living and working in the bush amongst some of the most incredible wildlife in existence, will provide you with a unique look into how life in the wild really is.

Specialist Safaris that can be experienced are as follows:

These privately guided safaris take place all over Southern and East Africa, catering for the most discerning travellers to the first time safari goers. Honeymoon couples and family holidays will be extra special, as your wildest dreams come true. The wilderness areas in which these safaris operate are abundant with wildlife and the lodges are all hand-picked. Your safari will be completely tailor made to suit your every need and want.

Experience tracking the famous Big 5 in an open 4x4 through Arica’s most pristine wilderness areas. Take an interesting and exciting bush walk, sit at a waterhole and watch nature at its best, enjoy sundowners with picturesque views and breath-taking landscapes. Spend time observing and learning about the weird and wonderful behaviour patterns of stunning birds, interesting insects, reptiles and awesome mammals during your personalised and interactive safari.

Photography is one of Brett’s great hobbies and taking the perfect shot in nature requires patience and knowledge. Imagine capturing wildlife at its finest on camera…as Brett anticipates the creatures’ movements for the best opportunities to photograph and film them, through his understanding of their habits. Master the art of wildlife photography while on safari and take home images that will bring back unbelievable memories of your animal encounters.

Brett has a desire to share his passion, knowledge and experiences. He feels strongly about instilling the importance of conservation in our evolving world and showing how people can get involved in preserving our natural environment. As Brett’s guest, he will tell you captivating true-life stories and remarkable tribal myths and legends around the flickering campfire under the mesmerizing Milky Way.  

Brett prides himself in offering warm hospitality and exceptional service while you are in his care, always aspiring to generate phenomenal memories that will last forever.

Adventurous Family Safari

This safari is designed with the entire family in mind. Safe, fun and exciting activities which the whole family can enjoy together as they explore the wilderness, while having the time of your lives. A special children’s program has been created to keep the kids entertained and learn many interesting things.

Big Cat Safari

This safari is designed for cat lovers. The focus is to track and fi nd all the large predators that rule the bush, spending quality time with each species. You will have an insight into the secret lives of these magnificent animals and understand their behavioural patterns.

Walking Safari

This safari is designed for all those that are passionate about nature and being on foot in the bush. Walking through various habitats looking at all things big and small. Gain knowledge about interesting trees, medicinal plants as well as birds and insects. Learn how to identify animal tracks and signs, track big game and view them from a safe distance without disturbing their natural behaviour.

Photographic Safari

This safari is designed for everyone that desires to spend time trying to capture the perfect images in the wild. Professional and novice photographers alike will go in pursuit of taking incredible photographs while experiencing awesome sightings. Join me in search of your dream shots.

Birding Safari

This safari is designed for all birding enthusiasts, whether you are a “twitcher” or beginner with the wish to learn more and grow your “life list”. Concentrate on locating as many different bird species as possible, endemic species as well as rare and endangered species in amazing wilderness areas while enjoying some superb game viewing.

Design-your-Own Safari

The name says it all... These safaris are custom-made to your every wish. Not interested in seeing the usual wildlife? Maybe your dream is to get up close and personal with Sharks in the Cape, Meerkats in the desert or Gorillas in the jungle? Let us create this special request safari for you, customising your dream African adventure.